A change in the Schedule

The Texas Renegades have had on the schedule for quite some time that we would not be dancing January 20, 2024 in order to support the Texas State Federation of Square and Round Dancers Nominating Meeting and Dance sponsored by the Texas Camping Squares (Tim Tyl Calling) at Coushatte Recreation Ranch and on January 27, 2024 in order to support the Sam Houston SRDA – Presidents Ball (Mike Bramlett calling) in  Bryan, Texas at First Baptist Church Bryan. In addition, our scheduled caller for February 3, 2024 will not be here, so the decision was made to not contract another caller and encourage our dancers to attend the Anniversary Dance for Hanger Squares. Then in light of many dancers going on the Wonder of the Seas Square Dance cruise and the February Frenzy being held in Port Lavaca, the decision to cancel the February 10, 2024 dance was made.

Have no fear, the Renegades will bounce back strong with Ken Ritucci and Tony Oxendine on February 17 and 24 respectively.

Live Lively – Square Dance!